First things First

So i tried making a blog. I’ m not a native English speaker , so the grammar will be off and the vocab is limited too. Still, i’m trying my best to rant about everything.

This blog is a dumpster, a place to be honest of everything i think. Sometimes its hard to explain sad or things that makes me mad , or even depressed. I thought making a blog will help and no , i’m not trying to get people saying nice to me, it simply expressing myself .

Maybe there’s people who read this blog, maybe just some passing random dudes, but maybe you feel the same as me, wanted to speak up yet unable to do so. Keep bottled up everything and bit by bit being eaten by that. Writing helps, even its simply grumbling without end. Just, there’s people like you, like me. We are not alone i guess , but ofc there’s people who are ignorant to this, oh well it doesnt matter though.

Oh oh by the way, if there is haters i love to have, i mean words fighting is simply the best lol as long you are not weak hearted people.

Oh i think i did well for my first time writing, this is a good practice for my English too.

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